Ten belief of JinLingYu

1, only to find a successful way, not to find excuses for failure.
2, breakthrough self, to face setbacks, embrace difficulties, not reach target shi don't give up.
3, for the happiness of his mission and family in the future work.
4, only do right thing to do, ability is qualified to do want to do.
5, the correct action three principles: seriously, fast, and teamwork.
6, Details molded brand, Quality decides the future.
7, summary and review is the mother of success, lax and careless is the father of failure.
8, do small things with personal, do great things must rely on a team, cooperate to win-win.
9, positive attitude is the foundation for happiness and success.
Negative state of mind is the root cause of failure and pain.
10, absolute loyalty, Thanksgiving is the world's biggest virtue;
Absolute obedience, iron discipline is the guarantee of all success.
      JinLingYu  Three no three
1, don't say anything negative, positive comments to replace the negative remarks.
2, do not do negative things, with a positive attitude instead of a negative attitude.
3, do not discuss the negative people, with positive emotions instead of negative emotions.
      JinLingYu Three spirit
The slow bird need to start early and have hard-working spirit
Sincere cooperation of team spirit
No commitment to reach the goal of fighting spirit